Auto Recall Alert: 30,077 Mazda Miata due to automatic shifting problems

A new NHTSA recall on the Mazda Miata may have accidentally let the cat out of the bag regarding how many Miatas sold in America are automatics. If we are reading the tea leaves correctly, it is – we hope you are sitting down – HALF!

Yes, the recall affects only those Miata’s with automatic transmissions. From 2016 through 2019, so the entire current ND generation, Mazda says that 14,370 vehicles are included in this NHTSA recall. We did the math and tallied up how many Miatas in total Mazda sold in America (which is the only place that NHTSA recalls are valid) and found to our shock and dismay that Mazda sold 30,077 Miatas in total, so 48% of the cars sold by Mazda were included in this AUTOMATIC transmission only recall.