The German Motorists Who Oppose the Fridays for the Future Movement

Grau’s group is a sign of the growing dismay felt by many German voters. It shows just how polarized German society is over the climate issue.

Walking through central Berlin or another major German city on a Friday, a person could be forgiven for thinking the Germans are all on the same page when it comes to environmental protection. But while many parents write permission slips for their children to attend the Friday climate protests — where they are joined by teachers, artists and scientists — another segment of society sees this new protest wave as a direct assault on their way of life.

The comments in the Fridays for Horsepower group — or any other “climate skeptic” online forum — reflect the anger felt toward young people who have taken issue with virtually every aspect of their parents’ generation: how they travel from A to B, what they buy, how they produce goods and services, what they eat and even what they enjoy.