The future of red light and speed cameras in Toledo, OH

Some call it big brother, some call it a money grab while others call it a safety tool. Throughout the city you’ll find 20 stationary cameras monitoring speed and red light violations. 7 cameras do just red light and 1 camera monitors just speed, that’s near the Toledo Zoo. Each time they catch a violator it’ll cost the driver $120.

“I think it’s more of a cash grab. if you’re looking at the citywide finances there’s always a pretty large deficit without these cameras,” said Ron Johns Jr., who is starting a petition campaign to ban the cameras.

Johns and his team hope to get it on the November 2019 ballot.

“I don’t even think there would need to be commercials or anything. I think someone would just see this and go ‘I freakin hate those cameras yeah let’s get rid of them,’” said Johns.

One thing people hate is the money generated from these cameras. The 13abc I-Team has learned that in 2018 the stationary and hand held cameras generated over $7.3 million for the city. Through the end of March 2019 those cameras have generated $1.3 million.