The Driverless Future Isn’t Disrupting Industries and Jobs… Yet

On almost a daily basis we see in newspapers, online blogs, and other publications claim that autonomous vehicles and their offshoots are disruptors of existing industries and jobs. According to these publications, autonomous vehicles will be the death of various industries and their jobs – apparently, just as millennials are the reason so many industries our parents may have enjoyed are also being destroyed as well, but I digress. If you are to believe these publications, autonomous vehicles will soon replace hotels and AirBnBsfood delivery driverstaxi and ridesharing drivers, and all other forms of industries that may or may not currently be dependent on drivers. Yet, contrary to the fearmongering in the news, just as millennials aren’t currently killing any industries   or the economy, the death of other industries and their associated jobs is just a bit premature, for now. But, this doesn’t mean companies, industry leaders, stakeholders, workers, college students, and consumers shouldn’t be thinking of how this emerging technology will be changing their professional and personal lives quicker than they might care to think.