The Drive Publisher’s Statement on Alex Roy’s New Role at Argo AI

When Alex Roy first told me he had accepted a position at Argo AI, I didn’t believe it. What could be less believable than a notorious perpetrator of stunts and hoaxesthe world’s most outspoken driving enthusiast and Cannonball record-setting driver, and the founder of the Human Driving Association, going to work for one of the world’s leading self-driving technology companies?

Then he explained it, and it made perfect sense. If we accept that self-driving is inevitable, all of us — safety advocates and driving enthusiasts alike — should want someone like Alex on the inside. Alex Roy is our generation’s Brock Yates, fighting to protect our freedoms to drive and, equally if not more importantly, our freedom of mobility in an age of rising automation. Honestly, I have no idea how he convinced the Argo team to bring him on board, but I give them props for having the vision to do so.