The best 2020 Memorial Day new car sales include low-interest loans, money back

Memorial Day weekend historically comes with some of the best new car deals, and 2020 is shaping up to be an even better deal for consumers. As dealers try to dump inventory piled up from the coronavirus pandemic and automakers usher in 2021 models to kick off the summer sales season, there are plenty of tempting new car deals.

While automakers are starting to roll back some of the incentives offered in the most uncertain times of the pandemic, such as no-interest loans for 84 months, many automakers still cover the first few months payments as well as low- to no-interest loans. And cash back is making a comeback, too. Here’s a look at the best deals assembled by our partners at Cars Direct. Keep in mind, incentives and discounts vary by region and usually don’t apply to every vehicle made by an automaker.

Also, the best deals will likely be on 2019 trucks and crossover SUVs, with those vehicles discounted more than 15%, according to Edmunds. Dealers are still trying to move 2019 models, which represent one out of 10 vehicles on dealer lots.