Texas red light camera fines: to pay or not to pay (HB901)

There are more than 100 Texas lawmakers working to pull the plug on Texas red light cameras. The effort to strip the only enforcement element from the camera law passed the House Transportation Committee Thursday.

Rep. Cole Hefner’s, R-Mount Pleasant, House Bill 901 would ban cities with red light camera tickets from using the “Scofflaw” program to block vehicle owners’ registration renewals for failing to pay a red-light camera ticket fine. The current red-light camera law does not allow law enforcement to sign a warrant for failing to pay one of these fines.

The current law only allows cities to contract with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to block vehicle registrations for failing to pay these tickets.

Hefner’s bill passed the committee with no amendments and could be headed to the House floor for debate before the end of the session.

But in our investigation of Texas cities with red light camera programs, we found more than half of those cities don’t have contracts with TxDMV to hold registrations.

Meaning, if you decide to not pay a fine in those cities, those cities can’t touch your vehicle registration.