Texas Editorial: Interstate 20 passing through Abilene is too dangerous

For years, “Ranger Hill” — a hilly stretch of Interstate 20 east of Ranger about 70 miles from Abilene — was considered a hazard, particularly during wintry weather when westbound trucks and vehicles could not travel up the 6 percent grade and eastbound traffic slipped and slid down.

Anyone who has traveled from Abilene toward the Fort Worth-Dallas area knows that a massive project has been going on to flatten the grade and eliminate the S-twist in the highway. The new route for the interstate, even with dirt work still underway, looks wide enough to land a jumbo jet.

The $76 million project should be a great improvement. A Reporter-News story in March 2017 said it would take three years.

We know tax dollars are short for all the projects that need to be done across Texas but a serious look at Interstate 20 as it wraps around north Abilene is needed.