Texas Commentary: A state-federal approach to tackling traffic

Texas is growing — and fast. We’re adding an average of 1,000 new Texans every day, and many of them can be found right here in Austin. For all the economic benefits, this rapid growth is not without its challenges. The job market is more competitive, rents are on the rise and one frustration we’ve all dealt with is traffic.

In September 2015, Gov. Greg Abbott called on the Texas Transportation Commission to develop a strategic initiative to reduce congestion in our five major metropolitan centers. Under this effort, known as Texas Clear Lanes, the Texas Department of Transportation has completed two projects in Austin, including the 51st Street Roundabout and an upgrade to the Traffic Management System. More projects are coming down the pike.

TxDOT has more than $20 billion in projects under construction to improve transportation infrastructure statewide. Turning a proposal into a completed project can be an arduous and expensive process, with many bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. In Texas, we have been working to get projects off the ground as quickly as possible, without cutting corners or burdening taxpayers.