Texas City Misleads Public On Red Light Camera Payments

The Texas legislature almost entirely banned the use of red light cameras in June. The exception — snuck in by lawmakers favorably disposed to the automated ticketing industry — allowed ticketing to continue only in those in cities that specifically drafted contracts that locked in long-term deals to get around anticipated ban legislation. Lawmakers who opposed cameras allowed this particular provision to slide by inserting a provision of their own making payment of red light camera tickets entirely optional.

Leon Valley and its photo ticketing vendor, Verra Mobility (formerly American Traffic Solutions), has been ignoring that law. Leon Valley joined Amarillo, Balcones Heights and Humble in refusing to take down the cameras in the wake of the change in Texas law. Instead, Verra Mobility has been mailing out collection notices that misstate the law.

“It is in your best interest to pay the civil penalties due immediately,” stated a collections notice sent under Leon Valley’s police department seal. “Failure to do so within the time allowed will cause this matter to be submitted to a law firm for collections and may result in the county tax assessor-collector refusing to register your vehicle which will prevent you from registering or selling your vehicle.”