Tesla’s Autopilot Gets a Closer Look Due to Lawsuits, NYT

The New York Times went deep over the weekend on a subject that has long been talked about in this industry — Tesla’s Autopilot and its failures.

In this case, the paper of record goes in-depth and talks to people who are suing the company over crashes in which Autopilot is alleged to have failed.

The Times piece asserts something that more than a few auto journos I follow on Twitter — including, if my memory of reading his tweets is correct, one who once held the title I have at TTAC — have been screaming about for some time now. Namely, that it seems to be past time for the nation’s regulatory bodies to intervene. The paper reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has around a dozen open investigations into accidents involving Autopilot. It also reminds us at least three drivers of Teslas have been killed in crashes where Autopilot was engaged and didn’t detect obstacles since 2016.