Tesla Finally Admits Something It Should Have Long Ago (Faulty Touchscreens on earlier models)

This all started back in 2012 but only now has Tesla admitted to the problem. Even the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) had to get involved. The California-based automaker has finally acknowledged there were Media Control Unit (MCU) touchscreen failures on the 2012 to 2015 Tesla Model S and Model X. In many cases, owners were left with a useless touchscreen but Tesla claimed it wasn’t covered under warranty.

That’s been changed now as the company has announced, via Electrek, an extended warranty for its older MSU touchscreen. A new MCU arrived in 2018 and has not experienced the same issues, which included slowed overall response, a longer power-up time, and a systems freeze that required a reboot, and in many cases, a complete failure. The cause, some affected owners believe, can be traced to the embedded Multi-Media Card memory in the MCU.