Taiwan: Tesla On Autopilot Slams into Police Car Despite “100 Meters of Traffic Cones and Warning Lights”

In the latest incident to take place while a Tesla car was on Autopilot, at least the authorities were on the scene quickly. That, of course, is because the Tesla Model S in question, located on Freeway 3 in Hsinchu County, Taiwan, reportedly plowed directly into the back of a police car.

Two officers that were directing traffic at the time narrowly escaped death or serious injury, reportedly jumping out of the way “just in time” before the accident occurred.

The accident took place despite reports that there were “100 meters of traffic cones and flashing warning lights” placed behind the police car. After the first patrol car was hit, it subsequently wound up hitting a second patrol car. The damage was estimated to be around NT$3 million (~USD $97,300).