Sweden to ban sales of fossil-fuel powered cars by 2030

Sweden is saying goodbye to cars with internal combustion engines. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has now declared that no new cars with diesel or petrol engines will be sold after 2030.

Clearly, Scandinavia is stepping up when it comes to transport transition off fossil fuels. Norway, which is so far the only country ever to have an EV-registration quota of around 50 per cent, has aimed even higher, with no new cars with combustion engines to be on the market in 2025. Denmark has drawn up corresponding plans for the year 2030, as Sweden has now done.

But it is not just Scandinavia that is managing the change. Greenpeace transport expert Marion Tiemann pointed out that Sweden is now the tenth country to have set such a concrete phase-out date, and that larger nations such as Great Britain and France are also among them. The latter however angle toward ICE bans no sooner than by 2040 – for the time being.