Suburbs try Vision Zero to protect walkers and cyclists on roads designed for vehicles (Vision Zero Watch)

In Montgomery County (Maryland), where more people are killed in road accidents than in homicides, planners recently asked residents to tweet about their experiences as pedestrians.

They responded with photos of four-lane thoroughfares lacking sidewalks, bus stops with no nearby crosswalks, traffic whizzing past without buffers, and narrow sidewalks that end abruptly or are blocked by utility poles and overgrown bushes.

The problems, planners say, will be addressed in Montgomery’s first-ever pedestrian master plan aimed at making walking safer and more appealing in a Washington suburb where the car has long been king.

“We’ve had highway plans for 60 to 70 years,” said Montgomery planner David Anspacher. “This is the first time we’re doing a pedestrian master plan, and it shows. The pedestrian conditions aren’t great in Montgomery County.”