Streetsblog: A Third of U.S. Workers Want to Ditch Commutes and Work Remotely–New Survey

COVID-19 all but killed the American car commute — and a new survey reveals that most U.S. workers don’t want to revive their morning crawls through endless gridlock if the pandemic recedes.

A stunning 75 percent of American workers said they would ideally work from home at least one day a week after shutdown measures have ended and the pandemic is under control, the study found. And 32 percent of Americans said they’d prefer to ditch their commutes altogether and work from home every day.

Put another way: if that 32 percent of workers got its wish and went fully remote, it could remove as many as 48.1 million cars from American roadways every single workday (assuming all of those workers previously drove to work alone, and all of them secured one of the 37 percent of positions that can be done entirely from home). And that’s before you factor in workers who won the right to work from home for just part of the week.