State study predicts tolls on Connecticut highways could raise $1 billion a year

State transportation officials estimate tolling Connecticut’s highways could raise $1 billion annually, with in-state traffic accounting for 44 percent of revenue, according to a study released Thursday. Electronic gantries would be installed at average intervals of 6.6 miles across 539 miles of roadway.

Tolls would cost about $372 million to roll out, with $210 million needed to install an electronic tolling infrastructure and $162 million to create a fiber communications system, according to the state Department of Transportation.

Governor-elect Ned Lamont campaigned on limited tolling, which he said would extend only to tractor-trailers. Tolls, and the economic impact on the state, were frequently debated during the gubernatorial campaign. Projected state deficits could run as high as $4.4 billion over the next two fiscal years.