State of Ohio searches for ways to fund highway work

The one-time infusion of cash from borrowing against the Ohio Turnpike has largely run its course, so the state is now looking at how it can continue to invest in highways and bridges.

On Monday, Gov. Mike DeWine followed through with his promise to create a 15-member committee to advise him on the next step, and discussion of a hike in Ohio’s gas tax or some other dedicated funding source is likely to be on the agenda.

Time is short for the committee to do its job given that Mr. DeWine’s proposed two-year transportation budget must be passed by lawmakers and reach his desk by April 1.

The committee includes Ed Harmon, president of the Toledo-based commercial real estate firm NAI Harmon Group, and representatives of the oil and gas industry, including Nicole Busey, director of indirect tax compliance and planning for Findlay-based Marathon Petroleum Co.