Speed traps: What to do if you get a ticket in Ohio (NMA Mention)

The nearby town of Tremont City was tagged by the National Motorists Association as one of Ohio’s top 10 towns for speed traps. The association’s Jim Walker said the entire state is filled with areas where enforcement is unfair to drivers.

“Ohio is…most areas…a border-to-border speed trap. The posted limits are set 10 or more below the safest level. And it makes enforcement very profitable,” Walker said.

Defense attorney Mark Babb said, despite what law enforcement authorities say, he believes speed traps do exist. He advises clients that if they are pulled over by police and a speeding ticket is inaccurate or unfair, the driver should not argue with the office. Instead, said Babb, the driver should contest the ticket in court.

If you want to blow the whistle on a speed trap in your community, now is your chance to have the I-Team investigate.