Speed limits on 100 miles of Los Angeles streets, mostly in the San Fernando Valley, would go up under plan

A nearly five-mile drive on the San Fernando Valley’s Lindley Avenue, as well as trips along dozens of other streets across Los Angeles, could go a bit faster if a new set of speed limits are approved by the City Council.

The proposed changes would also increase the likelihood of speeding motorists getting cited.

That’s because if the speed limits are approved, Los Angeles Police Department traffic officers will be able to resume enforcement on the 100 miles of streets where increased speed limits are now being proposed. Among the changes, for example, Lindley Avenue limits would go from 35 mph to 45 mph.

The lion’s share of the roads — just over 70 miles — are in the San Fernando Valley. Two of the streets, totaling 1.2 miles, in the Harbor area, will also see increases.