Speed cameras are coming to New Richmond, OH

Speed Cameras will soon be up and running in New Richmond.

Drivers in the area have mixed feelings about it, and say the Village is using the cameras simply to bring in more money. The Village Administrator says that this is all about safety.

In the next few weeks as drivers pass through the core of New Richmond on US-52 they will now see signs warning them that they are being recorded along with speed cameras at the intersections of Front Street and Adamson Road. Some residents we spoke with don’t like the idea of being under the watchful eye of speed cameras and would rather see officers.

“If they put the cameras in it’s like they’re not doing their job to me. They need to patrol really instead of that,” said Roger Behymor, a New Richmond Resident.

The cameras were installed this week, but the Village Administrator, Greg Roberts, says it will likely be a month before the cameras are fully operational. He says the Village voted to install the cameras after seeing several serious crashes on the highway.