South Australia Cancels Dubious Red Light Camera Tickets

Unpaid red light camera tickets in South Australia issued prior to October 8 do not need to be paid. Authorities announced that they would no longer attempt to pursue payment of disputed citations after the state government lost an appeal in the Supreme Court of South Australia.

Justice Greg Parker cited evidentiary concerns in overturning the citation issued by a machine to motorist David Woolmer in Adelaide. Woolmer successfully argued that there was no proof that the Jenoptik Traffistar SR520 red light camera was operating properly when it accused Woolmer’s white Holden sedan of turning right at the intersection of Magill Road and Portrush Road on March 14, 2018, against a light that had allegedly been red for less than a second.

Under state law, red light cameras need to have calibration tests performed on a monthly basis. A document introduced at trial stated that a test had been performed on the device on February 26, but Woolmer noted that the man who performed the certification admitted that turn lane sensors were never directly tested, as required. The trial magistrate, however, disagreed about the need for such tests.