Since 2013, NYC Has Spent Half-a-BILLION Because of Reckless Driving by Workers

The City of New York has spent more than $550 million since 2013 in payouts to the victims of road recklessness caused by employees of just five key agencies crashing their city-owned vehicles, Streetsblog has learned.

The grand total over those six-plus years is $557,994,577 in claim settlements against the Departments of Sanitation, Police, Fire, Transportation and Parks — an astonishingly high figure. It’s roughly the equivalent of the entire annual budget for the Department for the Aging, with enough left over to run the entire Queens Public Library system, the busiest in the world.

On an annual basis, the city has paid out an average of roughly $84.5 million to settle vehicle crashes — a sum is equal to the annual budgets for the Department of Veterans’ Services, the Department of Emergency Management, the Landmarks Preservation Commission and all of the 59 community boards — with enough money left over to run the Manhattan and Queens borough presidents’ offices.

It’s not only costly, it’s flushing money down the toilet.