Should Vermont speed limit be lowered to 55 mph? (War on Cars Watch)

Some Vermont lawmakers are pitching a bill to lower the statewide speed limit on major highways from 65 mph to 55 mph. The idea is just being floated now, with supporters saying it aims to cut crashes, save fuel and help with climate change. Our Ike Bendavid found mixed reactions on the road.

Dropping down to 55 mph has happened before and would be a big change for drivers.In Vermont, the top highway speed limit currently sits at 65 mph. But in New York and New Hampshire, it’s at 70 mph.

“I would actually like to see it increased to 70 like in New Hampshire,” said Miranda Davison of Hardwick.

But with lawmakers looking at ways to combat climate change, one idea that has surfaced is for drivers to slow down to a maximum of 55 mph.

Many drivers we talked to were skeptical.