Sen. Tom Carper to Fellow Senators: Work on Highway Reauthorization Bill

The top Democrat on the surface transportation committee in the U.S. Senate warned that comprehensive highway policy legislation his panel advanced over the summer would languish in the chamber absent the contributions from the committees responsible for the Highway Trust Fund, freight transportation and public transit.

Delaware Sen. Tom Carper told Transport Topics on Nov. 6 he hopes fellow transportation authorizers proceed with the reauthorization measure, noting the legislation “has a lot in it that they want and need.”

“Our bill is going to go nowhere unless the Banking [Housing, and Urban Affairs] Committee does their work, Commerce [Science, and Transportation] committee does their work, the Finance Committee does their work,” Carper said. “And, so, I just want to remind them all that they have a dog in this fight. And their committees need to act. It’s not my job to tell them how to do their work, but to let them know how important it is that they do.”