Self-driving cars are under siege from gun-wielding, tire-slashing Arizonans, cops say

Arizona’s self-driving cars have seen it all.

Angry Arizonans have slashed tires, lobbed rocks, shouted at and chased after autonomous vans that Waymo — the self-driving car project owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company — has been testing in Chandler since 2016, the Arizona Republic reports.

One man even pleaded guilty last week to disorderly conduct after police said he angrily pointed a gun at a Waymo self-driving van that had a safety driver inside, CBS 5 reports.

To be fair, Arizona isn’t the only state where humans appear uneasy about the rise of self-driving cars: In the first couple months of 2018, autonomous cars in California got into six accidents — two of which involved upset San Francisco residents attacking the vehicles, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. As McClatchy reported earlier this year, the other four accidents were the fault of other human drivers, not self-driving cars.