Seattle: Who will win the Road Diet Battle currently raging in NE Seattle. Will Mayor Jenny Durkan decide the issue soon?

There’s a civil war happening right under our noses in Northeast Seattle. The War for 35th Avenue will go down in history books, mark my words.

As first reported by The C Is for Crank, the future of a safe street redesign is in the hands of Mayor Jenny Durkan.

Back in 2012, the Wedgwood, Bryant, and Ravenna neighborhoods independently put a redesign plan together for safer streets. The plan—which would include protected bike lanes along 35th Avenue, slower speed limits, and more crosswalks—was approved and compiled into the city’s Bike Master Plan in 2014. Everything seemed like it was going smoothly until last October. That’s when Save 35th—a neighborhood group comprised of small businesses along 35th Ave, those people who get uproariously angry on the app NextDoor, and car-lovers—was formed. Bike lanes would take away their street parking, it would drive business away, they said.