Seattle aims to eliminate traffic deaths in just 11 years (Vision Zero Watch)

At the intersection of Mercer and Dexter in South Lake Union, pedestrians get a head start. All cars have a red light for up to seven seconds after the crosswalk signals flashes it’s white hand telling pedestrians to start walking.

“The pedestrians are able to be in the crosswalks and be seen by the drivers before they get the green,” said Jim Curtin with the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Jim Curtin of the Seattle Department of Transportation on eliminating traffic deaths by 2030{p}{/p}

It’s just one of the changes the City has made to achieve a goal set in 2015 of zero traffic related fatalities by 2030. But the City is far from achieving that goal and some questioned the City’s commitment of reaching it.

“We find it unacceptable as a city that anyone should lose their lives on our streets,” Curtin said.