Scientists Just Figured Out How to Weld Metal to Glass Which Could Revolutionize Car Manufacturing

This is one of those things that just doesn’t sound like it should work at all: Somehow melting together glass and metal to combine into one, unified, part-glass/part-metal mongrel whole. If it could be done, it would be a breakthrough for automobile manufacturing, which is all about combining glass and metal. Well, it seems that researchers at Edinburgh, Scotland’s Heriot-Watt University have figured it out. With lasers.

Professor Duncan P. Hand and his research team have developed a process called “ultrafast laser microwelding,” which uses very, very short pulses of infrared laser light to fuse two dissimilar materials together. The Heriot-Watt system tested the method on quartz, borosilicate glass, sapphire and aluminum, titanium, and and stainless steel.