San Francisco: Plan to close 2 miles of Market Street to private car traffic moves forward (War on Cars Watch)

The city’s Better Market Street project is intended to improve safety and transportation quality on the 2.2-mile stretch of Market Street that runs from Steuart Street (near the Embarcadero) to Octavia Boulevard.

In order to move the project to its next phase, the Planning Department has now released a draft environmental impact report, with more insights into how the city plans to alter the streetscape on Market.

As we previously reported, the Better Market Street plan would restrict all private automotive traffic on Market Street from Steuart Street to Van Ness Avenue (westbound) and 10th Street to Main Street (eastbound). That would include ride-hailing cars from services like Uber and Lyft.

In place of private auto traffic, the plan proposes new sidewalk-level bikeways in each direction on Market, spaced between pedestrian walkways and centered transit stops and boarding islands.

Muni buses and F-Market streetcars would run in designated center lanes, and share outside lanes with taxis, paratransit vehicles and commercial loading vehicles.