California: San Clemente’s Effort to Freeze TCA Activity Fails, as Boards Take Aim at Toll Roads Bill

It took several motions, a lot of procedural confusion at the end and a couple of hours for the Transportation Corridors Agencies (TCA) joint board of directors to quash the efforts of a San Clemente action that would have handcuffed ongoing work of The Toll Roads operator until an independent audit was completed.

The action, brought forth by San Clemente directors Mayor Pro Tem Dan Bane and City Councilmember Laura Ferguson, would have prompted eight different actions.

This included enacting a third-party, independent audit on consultant contracts; suspending the contracts and staff from working on contracts current and future until the audit is complete; demanding refunds for “misspent” money; collecting political donation information from directors; develop a procedural manual or other process for applying/bidding for contracts; and would require the committee meetings of the TCA to be subject to the state’s open meeting laws.