San Antonio, TX: Traffic solutions span wide range, from raising rates to getting cars off streets

Kevin Wolff, Chairman of the Metropolitan Planning Organization says it may be time to take the road less traveled and get people to pump the brakes on personal vehicles.

“When you think transportation you think highways and that’s obviously a big part of it but its not the only part of it.” Wolff said.

“For many years things like our highway department and even our city have focused on making it very easy to move vehicles and we’ve forgotten there are people inside those cars and that’s what we’re trying to move.” Sandoval said.

One of the methods being used people to help get out of cars is similar to the rules of the road.

“What we want to do is give the right price signals that create the behavior that creates a more sustainable transportation system,” said Sandoval. “The city owns a lot of parking downtown , we know that there are long lines for parking so if the demand is here and the supply is here that may be an option.”