Russia: Moscow Residents Turn to Car-Sharing After Parking Crackdown

Tens of thousands of Moscow residents have taken up car-sharing to combat soaring parking costs and a dwindling number of spaces, a trend that has made the Russian capital one of the world’s fastest growing markets for such schemes.

Authorities in the city of 12.5 million have cut the number of parking spaces to encourage residents to walk while increasing parking fees to raise revenue and ease traffic in one of the world’s most congested cities.

Those are among the factors that have seen the number of car-sharing journeys leap to at least 30,000 per day, or 9.1 million, between January and September this year, according to Moscow’s city authority. JP Morgan put the number of daily car journeys at 60,000 this autumn.

That’s a big increase — in 2016, there were just 45,000 car-sharing journeys in the entire year.