Roanoke County, VA bans sleeping in cars

It’s now illegal to spend the night in your car in Roanoke County.

Tuesday, the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors approved a new ordinance that prohibits anyone from sleeping or living in a car, even on private properties.

If you’re caught, you could face up to a $250 fine.

However, the new law does not apply to napping. If you need to pull over for a nap to travel safely, you will not be prosecuted.

County officials say when people sleep in cars, it makes neighborhoods look bad, it’s a safety concern and presents several health issues. They added that there’s only been one case recently.

“No, it’s not a major, ongoing problem. Just an occasional issue that has been brought to our attention,” said Peter Lubeck, a senior assistant attorney for the county.

The law goes into effect immediately.