Report Finds Half of Americans Support Mileage Fees

The Mineta Transportation Institute released its 11th annual national transportation tax survey exploring public support for raising federal transportation revenues through gas taxes and mileage fees: “What Do Americans Think about Federal Tax Options to Support Transportation? Results from Year Eleven of a National Survey.”

“Roughly half of American adults support some form of a mileage fee,” says Dr. Asha Weinstein Agrawal, one of the study’s authors and director of the Mineta Transportation Institute’s National Transportation Finance Center. “For example, 49% supported replacing the gas tax with a ‘green’ mileage fee that charges an average rate of a penny per mile, with lower rates for less polluting vehicles and higher rates for more polluting vehicles.”

Half of respondents supported a “business road-use fee” that would be assessed on the miles that commercial vehicles drive on the job. Study co-author Dr. Hilary Nixon explained, “54% of people supported such a fee on delivery and freight trucks, and 52% supported such a fee on either taxis or ridesharing vehicles.”