Red light cameras bring a lot of green to Green Cove Springs, Florida

The city’s three red light cameras are up for renewal at next week’s city council meeting.

The program has helped the city collect almost $3 million in fines since the 2010-2011 fiscal year, which doesn’t account for the cost for law enforcement staff time to monitor the process. The money goes into the general fund.

The cameras have earned a figure closer to $8.5 million, but the state Department of Revenue, averaging $560,000, and contractor American Traffic Systems, averaging $250,000 a year, take a cut.

There were 12,208 tickets were issued in 2018.The three cameras are located where U.S. 17 intersects Harbor Road, Ferris Street and Houston Street. The cost for each camera the city pays is the same: $4,200 a month for each camera.