Real IDs: Californians will soon be required to show 2 proofs of residency to get driver’s licenses

California’s beleaguered Department of Motor Vehicles will get six more weeks to adhere to a new federal rule that will require the agency to ask Californians to show two forms of proof of residency before it can issue federally compliant Real ID driver’s licenses.

The Real IDs will be the only licenses allowing Californians to board domestic flights or enter federal buildings beginning in October 2020. Each state is required to develop and issue a Real ID under a program created by the federal government after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Since it started issuing Real IDs in 2018, the DMV has only required a single document — a PG&E bill, rental agreement, school registration form or property tax bill — to prove residency. Applicants are also required to present other documents, including a certified birth certificate or passport, to establish identity.