Rate Increase Proposed for NY Thruway Cashless Tolling System –Register for Online Meeting to Voice Your Concerns NOW!

People who drive the Thruway without an E-ZPass could be seeing a rate hike pretty soon. But before it happens, the New York State Thruway Authority is giving the public a chance to share your two cents.

One of three virtual public hearings was held Tuesday to discuss the proposal to adjust tolls.

What the Thruway wants to do is increase tolls by about 30 percent for any vehicles that do not have an E-ZPass. If you have one, your rates would stay the same. These changes are scheduled to take place January 1.

The rate increase has a lot to do with the new cashless tolling system that’s been going up, and that system is actually going to be up and running in a matter of weeks. The $355 million project has been in the testing phase and is set to go live next month.

During the first meeting Tuesday, people looked for assurance that workers who need to use the tolls can afford any inflated costs.