Raleigh, North Carolina aims to update red light camera, add more

Last February, CBS 17 reported Raleigh would be expanding its current red light traffic camera system. The city outlined Tuesday its plans for the new cameras.

There are currently 15 red light cameras throughout Raleigh and they generate about $2 million in fines each year.

But, the equipment is more than a decade old and the city wants to replace all of it on top of adding 10 more cameras. The city said the old cameras don’t always capture violators, break down frequently, and can only catch one driver at a time.

During its meeting yesterday, the city council was told new cameras will change that.

“The new tech will be able to capture multiple violators,” said Jeff Niffenegger of the Raleigh Transportation Department.

City engineers call the red light cameras a safety program and cite several independent studies showing the cameras reduce T-bone type crashes by 54 percent at intersections with the cameras.