Queens, NY: Petition to ban bike lane on Queens Blvd. (War on Cars Watch)

In the battle regarding the Queens Boulevard bike lanes, Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce President Leslie Brown has started a petition on change.org to ban the plan to extend them into her area.

“Cars and buses not to mention trucks can easily swerve into the narrow bike lane hitting a rider. The exit ramps that cross over the bike lanes are very dangerous too. Vehicles cannot see bikers or other motorists the way you have to angle your car to get off. And as we all know accidents happen!”

Brown also believes the proposed bike lanes will help destroy small businesses by taking away parking spots in Forest Hills and Kew Gardens.

“Who wants to invest in homes, condos, co-ops and or pay high rents in a community that does not have the shops and services needed to make a community thrive,” the post said.