Proposed gas tax aims to fund backlogged road projects in Louisiana

A grassroots campaign to fix Louisiana’s struggling infrastructure is taking its initiative to the state capitol.

“Happy anniversary everybody. It’s been 30 years, and Louisiana has done absolutely nothing,” Louisiana Coalition to Fix Our Roads spokesperson Erich Ponti said at the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday afternoon.

The bill sponsored by State Rep. Steve Carter would leverage increased gas taxes to help fix the nearly $14 billion in backlogged DOTD projects.

“[We will] educate our citizens on how bad that bridge is your children just crossed in that school bus, how bad the roads are that you take to work every day, or go to church, or wherever, coming home every day, how dangerous those roads and bridges are,” Ponti said.

If the bill passes, drivers would be paying an extra 6 cents this year, increasing to 18 cents per gallon by 2031. Frustrated drivers say it’s worth it.