Portsmouth, Virginia: New task force forms to find ways to rid of Downtown, Midtown tunnel tolls

There is a new task force to examine ways to get rid of the Downtown and Midtown Tunnel tolls.

Last week, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization unanimously voted to create a working group to do that. The group hasn’t met yet, but they are coming together as a region to fight a common foe, and that is the tunnel tolls that will be with us for 50 years.

The eight-member group is dedicated to finding ways to have the state buy down and to eliminate these tolls because they not only hurt Portsmouth and Norfolk, they have come to learn that they hurt the region overall and impact people who don’t even use them.

Long time opponent of the tolls, Terry Danaher, is the chairperson of the Community Transportation Advisory Committee and sits on the new committee. She says, “there has been a certain amount of state responsibility in the legislature questioning the state’s level of responsibility. The state got us into this,  so perhaps the state needs to get us out of it.”