Portland, OR riders say they’re skipping cars for short trips, thanks to electric scooters

Moreover, a significant share of residents said they were using e-scooters to replace car trips: 34 percent of Portland riders and 48 percent of visitors took an e-scooter instead of driving a personal car or using Uber, Lyft, or a taxi. To be sure, scooters haven’t led to a wave of car owners flinging their keys into Willamette River: only 6 percent of users reported getting rid of a car because of e-scooters and another 16 percent considered it.

Scooter-related injuries rose during the pilot period, but most injuries seen by emergency rooms across Multnomah County “were not severe enough to warrant emergency transport,” the transportation bureau said. E-scooter injury visits accounted for about 5 percent of total traffic crash injury visits during the pilot period. The bureau additionally received 43 reports of collisions during the pilot period. In other words, injuries were a definite issue, but not nearly as bad as some initial reports seem to indicate.