Polling show San Francisco residents reject congestion pricing proposal

Tanked. Flatlined. Dead-on-arrival.

No matter how you word it, support for congestion pricing downtown among San Franciscans is nearly as low as it can get, according to a city poll released Tuesday.

Yet on that same morning the Board of Supervisors, acting in their capacity as the San Francisco County Transportation Authority board, authorized $500,000 to further study the concept in San Francisco.

The low support from San Franciscans was revealed in the latest Dignity Healthy CityBeat poll from the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, which interviewed 500 San Franciscans between January 10 and 14 this year by landline and cell phone.

The CityBeat poll revealed only 16 percent of San Franciscans strongly support charging a $3 fee to people driving in and out of downtown during commute hours.

On the flipside, 51 percent of respondents strongly oppose the plan, with 14 percent “somewhat” opposing the plan, and 14 percent “somewhat” supporting the plan. All told, that’s 30 percent of San Franciscans backing the idea, and 65 percent rejecting it.

At the same time, the poll also showed 82 percent of San Franciscans saying they thought traffic congestion on city streets is getting worse, which is up from 74 percent last year.