Pocatello, Idaho Hands Free Driving Ordinance Getting Stricter

“Teenagers to all ages, we have become tied to our cell phone, and it never leaves our side,” said Lt. Eric Anderson with the Pocatello Police Department.
In December, the City of Pocatello put into place an ordinance to crack down on distracted driving.
If you’ve been pulled over in the last three months because you were seen using your cell phone, you got a warning.
But soon, that will change.
“The first violation, that’s it’s $136.50 it’s an infraction, so if a person gets three of those within a two-year period, the fourth is an automatic misdemeanor,” said Anderson.
Starting Monday March 11, the warning will be upgraded to an infraction.
The change was always part of the plan for the city, who wanted its drivers to have a grace period to get used to the ordinance, and during that time allow its officers time to educate about why the ordinance is in place, and what you can do if you need to take a call or text while driving.