Pennsylvania: Plans outlined for more Southern Beltway work

State turnpike officials and contractors they hired to build several miles of the Southern Beltway through Robinson Township shared details of their plans with residents on Wednesday.

“We do plan on starting most of our construction activity hard and heavy after the first of the year,” said John Nemmer, project manager for Trumbull Corp., during an informational meeting at Fort Cherry Golf Club.

“You may have seen some equipment, minor equipment …,” Nemmer added. “We’re doing some initial survey work, some initial clearing, just to get access to the job to get started now.”

The Turnpike Commission awarded Trumbull a roughly $116.2 million contract to build 2.7 miles of new toll road.

The completion date on the contract is in June 2021. Most of this section – which requires movement of more than three million cubic yards of earth – will be in Robinson, with the eastern portion stretching into neighboring Mt. Pleasant Township.