Pennsylvania House bill would bring back license plate stickers

“Trucking companies in particular like the program since in the past when a vehicle was renewed it may be across the country creating logistics issues with getting the sticker to the location of the truck. That inconvenience no longer exists,” he said. “Customers have been clear they like the elimination of the registration sticker and the convenience it has allowed.”

But eliminating the stickers has made it too easy for motorists to hit the road in vehicles with lapsed registration or without insurance because police can’t easily recognize that the registration is expired, said state Rep. Barry Jozwiak, R-Berks County.

“We have seen that the elimination of the registration sticker on the license plate has caused a significant threat to public safety and the roadway safety of the consumer and the motoring public,” Jozwiak said in a March 27 memo to other lawmakers describing his planned legislation.

In addition to those problems, the lack of new registration stickers has occasionally caused problems for motorists traveling out-of-state who get pulled over by police because it appears the old registration stickers on their plates are expired, Jozwiak said.