Body cams contradict Los Angeles PD’s gang designations. It’s another milestone in their use

Few issues have generated more controversy in California law enforcement circles than how police determine whether someone is a gang member. Such a designation can carry harsh repercussions. Critics have long argued that police unfairly target African Americans and Latinos as gang members with the use of field interviews in which officers ask those they pull over whether they have a gang affiliation. Proving those allegations of police bias has sometimes been difficult. But police leaders now have millions of recordings to review from more than 7,000 body cameras as a scandal widens over allegations that officers with the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite Metro unit falsely portrayed people as gang members.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Reaches Agreement With Advocates to Legalize E-Bikes, E-Scooters

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to unveil a proposal to legalize e-bikes and e-scooters in New York state at his budget address next Tuesday, according to sources. governor met with transportation advocates Thursday afternoon and reached an agreement to require helmets for riders of e-bikes that go 25 miles per hour or faster, sources said. The state legislature would have to pass a legalization bill, but it is expected to do so since it passed one in 2019.

Pennsylvania: Police chief sues Exeter Township over pressure to issue tickets

The police chief of Exeter Township has filed a suit in federal court against the township, claiming he was pressured to illegally force the department to issue more traffic tickets. The suit comes from Chief William Knowles, Cpl. Charles Neff and Sgt. Scott Viadock, and was filed earlier this month by Pittston-based attorney Cynthia L. Pollick. According to the suit, Exeter Township Supervisor Daniel Fetch repeatedly directed the police department begin issuing more traffic tickets. Fetch allegedly also said he wanted to hire more young officers, with the suit’s plaintiffs claiming Fetch made comments that new officers would be more willing to listen to this directive.

Governor Charlie Baker Wants To Let the MA State Police Consider External Hires For Agency Head, Among Other Reforms

Gov. Charlie Baker wants to throw out a mandate that the state police colonel must be appointed from within the agency so that external candidates may be considered for the top post. Baker made the announcement Thursday at the State Police Training Academy in New Braintree that he is filing legislation to alter the leadership rule and noted a series of other changes.

Detroit Braces for Year of Slower Sales by Idling Auto Plants

Fiat Chrysler is sending workers home at four factories. Ford has two operating on fewer shifts and two others no longer building discontinued products. And General Motors Co. may dial back output despite being just a couple months removed from enduring its longest strike in almost half a century. Detroit’s three automakers are bracing for a slower year of U.S. sales by tapping the brakes on production. And they’re not alone: Researcher LMC Automotive projects that five of the six largest North American manufacturers will assemble fewer vehicles this quarter than a year ago.