20 Major Malfunctions Ford Tried To Bury

According to Statista, the American carmaker managed to capture 14 percent of the U.S. market in 2018. And perhaps, it would have captured more if only one of its auto parts suppliers, Meridian Magnesium, did not experience factory fire back in May 2018. In recent years, Ford has definitely shown that it can hold its own against any type of competition. However, that doesn’t mean that its cars have not been plagued by malfunctions in the past.

NYC Congestion Pricing Board Must Be Bus Friendly (War on Cars Watch)

Mass transit watchers are eagerly anticipating who will be appointed to the six-person Traffic Mobility Review Board, which was embedded in last April’s state budget deal outlining the framework for instituting a congestion pricing tolling system around Manhattan’s Central Business District (CBD). All but one member (which is selected by the Mayor) will be appointed by the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA). While two appointees will represent Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North interests, we strongly believe one of the other appointees must speak for another critical – yet often maligned – form of public transit: our buses that fuel the region. While the CBD Tolling Program was born out of a critical need to find a new funding stream for the New York City subways, it is imperative those entities and individuals entrusted with selecting the members of the Traffic Mobility Review Board choose at least one individual who intimately understands the important role buses play in the area’s intricate and complex transportation network.

Would You Pay To Beat Traffic? Mass. Considers Tolled Express Lanes To Curb Congestion

You might one day be able to pay to beat traffic in Massachusetts. State officials are looking at how to create express highway lanes that drivers pay a toll to access — a recommendation out of a congestion report recently issued by Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration. The idea has raised concerns about equity and highway expansion. Several states already have express lanes in place with some success.

DUI Simulator Program steers Harrison County, WV, students away from drinking and driving

The West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration began the school year with a new DUI simulator, enhancing the graphics and the overall experience for participating students. The simulator was available to students at Robert C. Byrd and United High schools this week and taught them the effects and dangers of driving under the influence. DUI Simulator Program Coordinator Daniel Pickens said the simulator is taken to every high school in the state, which takes around three years to do.

Summer road fatalities were lower than ever after ‘100 Deadliest Days’ in Utah

The number of fatalities during the “100 Deadliest Days” of summer dropped nearly 40% this summer, officials reported, making 2019’s summer road fatalities numbers lower than ever. A total of 103 people died on Utah roads last year during the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This year, that number dropped to 62 people. “Historically, our numbers have averaged about one fatality a day during that time period,” Davis said. “We’re extremely optimistic that people are changing their behaviors.”