NASCAR champion Joey Logano teaches you how to drive a Ford Model T

Joey Logano is best known for driving the number 22 Ford Mustang GT stock car for Team Penske Ford. But the 30-year-old NASCAR racer’s personal car collection, which he has been showcasing in his “Carography” YouTube video series, is fairly eclectic. The oldest car in the collection is a 1924 Ford Model T, which is about as far from a NASCAR stocker as you can get, but Logano says it is his favorite to drive. The process to do so is somewhat unusual, however, so in his latest video, Logano shows how it’s done.

Grand Rapids, Minnesota in Early Stages of Developing Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Program

The city of Grand Rapids is looking to launch an 18-month autonomous vehicle pilot program which will provide another form of transportation to its residents. This would also make Grand Rapids the first rural city in the United States to develop a autonomous vehicle transportation program. The city has applied for state funding of a little over $1.3 million to help fund the pilot project. With state funding, the city will bring in five self-driving vehicles, operated under May Mobility out of Michigan. The shuttle service will operate similar to Lyft or Uber options but on a fixed route. Services would encompass about a 12-mile radius, allowing residents from around the city to find the nearest pick-up location and transport them to a destination close to their desired location.

The $1 Trillion Electric Vehicle Boom Is Just Getting Started

In 1894, chemist Pedro Salom probably never imagined he’d start what could soon become a $912 billion industry. His creation the Electrobat was unlike anything others had seen at that time… Or would again see for nearly another century. But where the Electrobat, the world’s first electric vehicle, could only run for 25 miles on one charge, at just 20 MPH…

Toyota Mobility Foundation designates first mobility pilot technologies, collaborators in Indiana

Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) and Energy Systems Network (ESN) announce that May Mobility and Udelv would be the first two deployments of the Future Mobility District Initiative in Indiana.

Eight states (AL, IL, MN, MS, NJ, NY, OK, and PA) taking steps to end ticket quotas (NMA Mention)

The National Motorists Association says that “a speed trap exists wherever traffic enforcement is focused on extracting revenue from drivers instead of …