Thousands of drivers are cutting through Long Grove, Illinois to avoid congestion. Residents don’t like it.

Thousands of drivers trying to escape a frequently congested intersection on the Buffalo Grove-Arlington Heights border are causing concern among residents in a neighboring village. At issue is the morning and evening rush-hour drivers using local streets in Long Grove to avoid Lake-Cook Road and Arlington Heights Road. Long Grove village board members and some residents say they’ve had enough of the cut-through traffic, but they don’t agree on potential remedies.

Deerfield, IL neighborhood upset about potential removal of stop signs receives favorable outcome

Deerfield trustees recently decided to keep stop signs in place at Pine Street and Anthony Lane, capping an issue that sparked concerns among families in the area. After village board members first considered removing the stop signs at the intersection last month, many parents brought their children, ranging from preschoolers to high schoolers, with them for the board’s final vote on whether to remove the signs during a meeting Dec. 2. Trustees ultimately voted, 5-1, to keep the stop signs despite a report from a traffic expert saying the signs were unnecessary. Of the more than 90 people who attended the meeting, 23, including five children, spoke out against removing the signs. Many people who spoke stressed how the presence of the stop signs made the neighborhood more safe.

Chinese, Western consumers divided on electric, self-driving cars, survey finds

Automakers, ride-hailing and technology companies plowing money into the development of electric, self-driving and shared car services will find more enthusiastic consumers in China than in Europe and the United States, according to a survey released on Thursday.

Massachusetts Opinion: It’s time to clear a path through the political gridlock for a test of congestion pricing

When Chris Osgood, Boston’s top transportation official, made clear the other night that congestion pricing “is something we should absolutely consider,” the response I wanted to hear from the state’s transportation secretary, Stephanie Pollack, was “Yes!” Of course, Pollack didn’t say that. Instead, she stayed on message: “Congestion pricing is a means, it’s not the end . . . It’s a tool in the toolkit. It’s not a silver bullet.”

GM at center of mpg, electric-vehicle tax credit fights

General Motors Co. is at the center of a political fight in Washington about gas-mileage rules and the future of tax credits for electric vehicles as Congress gears up for an end-of-year push. The Detroit manufacturer is one of the loudest voices lobbying for an extension of a federal tax credit that provides up to $7,500 to buyers of electric vehicles, but GM has angered some Democrats by siding with President Donald Trump in a fight with California over fuel-economy regulations.