Lincoln and Jeep are next to join the hands-free driver assistance party

Lincoln ActiveGlide and Jeep Hands Free Active Drive Assist won’t make your car an autonomous vehicle, but they could each ease some of the …

How self-driving cars will change our lives

This is ideal for the environment, especially if it is electrically autonomous vehicle Deployed and suitable for neighborhoods and for all our wallets.

Why we still don’t have self-driving cars on the roads in 2021

Do you remember the time when self-driving cars were upon us? It was almost a decade ago when the Autonomous Vehicle division at Google (now Waymo) promised a world where people would be chauffeured around by self-driving robot cars. We were shown computer renderings of futuristic cities filled with autonomous robot taxis and luxurious concept vehicles where riders could rest on fully reclining seats while watching high-resolution TVs.

GM Increases Investment Into Electrification, Stellantis Promises Four New EVs

There is plenty of electrification news this week, despite the brunt of consumers remaining seemingly disinterested in the automotive segment that’s entirely dependent upon batteries. General Motors recently announced that it would be increasing its EV investments through 2025 to $35 billion, noting that some amount of the funding will also be going toward autonomous vehicle development.

Baidu pushes to put driverless taxis on China’s roads, pledging to build 1000 in 3 years

Baidu has partnered with state-owned automaker BAIC Group to build 1,000 driverless cars over the next three years. Baidu has been testing robotaxis in a number of major cities across China including Shanghai, but the new partnership is an attempt to commercialize autonomous taxis on a mass scale. This will pit the company against ride-hailing giant Didi, which is racing toward an initial public offering in the U.S. and is also developing its own robotaxis.